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The Frosting on the the Cake:
Additional Services & Costs

When you order a scrapbook page or album, you can make a note during the checkout process as to whether you would like any of these additional services. Or, you can let me know during your free consultation.
All of these charges will appear in your final bill.

Album examples


This will be a basic photo album, either post-bound or ring-bound. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and some have a small picture window on the front.

$30.00 + shipping

***Please note that adding an album to your order will also increase your shipping cost as the package being sent is larger and a bit heavier.***

Photo Printing

The cost of printing digital photos starts at $0.29 per photo.

Airbrushing example

Photo Retouching

Using my Photoshop skills, I can touch up that special photo!

$7.45 per hour